About us


Why the name Antwak?

Ants share knowledge and experiences with each other. They work together to achieve feats beyond their individual capabilities. The AntWak team is inspired by the “social learning” behaviour of ants and their collective intelligence. Just like ants, we want to leave footprints of our experiences for others to learn and follow.

Mission & Vision

To provide a platform for professionals to connect, interact and share experiences thus helping them make better career decisions. Our vision is to be world’s largest network of professionals sharing and learning from each other thus becoming their better selves, earn more and live a passionate, healthy and happier life.

What do we do?

AntWak is a social learning platform for professionals. With the ideology of "Together, We Achieve More", AntWak hyper curates expertise from seasoned professionals from all walks of life in form of byte sized videos to create first of its kind social learning ecosystem. These “Real People: Real Insights” will empower millions of professionals across the globe to make a mark in their careers.

Core Values

Real learning is beyond classrooms, it is continuous and life-long. Experimenting, failing and continuously striving to succeed is the only mantra to success. “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah” or “All beings be happy” can only be achieved through mutual communication and sharing.

Our Investors