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Fun Fact: Ants communicate and share intelligence with each other when they walk.
The name “AntWak” is inspired by this act of “collaborative social learning”

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Graduating Students
Complement academic learning with “Real Industry Knowledge”
Master next gen professional soft skills
Ace Campus Interviews
AntWak is a great platform to connect with industry leaders and understand how conceptual knowledge is applied in real world. AntWak also helped me in preparing better for my campus interviewsDeephak Ganesan

2nd Yr MBA student

Early Professionals
Know real life use cases to excel at workplace
Master career transition and leadership moves
Improve transferable skills and enhance your emotional well-being
AntWak has truly revolutionized learning by allowing bite-sized consumption of practical, executable knowledge. Experts provide relevant insights into each part of the topic, which they draw from their own experiences, making the content relevant and excitingReshika Srivastav

Ad Sales-SMB, Disney+Hotstar

Seasoned Professionals
Build social capital by paying it forward
Enhance your personal brand
Monetize your skills
Thank you AntWak for providing this exciting opportunity to collaborate and a platform to share my experiences! AntWak has amazing learning insights, from experienced professionals across the globe, encompassing several topicsDeephashree Rao

RPA Solution Architect, Deloitte

Boost Employee productivity through contextual learning
Empower employees as “Knowledge Ambassadors” to create tribal knowledge
Showcase your thought leaders to global professional community
In an exclusive interview with @AntWakVideos, Thought leader Abhishek Ojha, Principal Enterprise Architect discusses: 1. How to prioritize projects in Digital Transformation 2. Challenges in Integration & Implementation 3. Enterprise Architecture tools #ITCInfotech

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Product ManagementMarket Research, Product Strategy, Positioning, Development, Roadmapping, Analytics...
User ExperienceDesign Thinking, User Research, UX Strategy, UX Psychology, Interaction Design..
Brand ManagementBrand Strategy, Identity, Purpose, Delivery, Evaluation, Portfolio Management...
Digital MarketingMarketing Strategy, Funnel Analysis, Buying Journey, Social Media Marketing, Analytics...
Sales & BDMarket Research, Sales Funnel, Sales Pitch, Negotiation, CRM, Ethical Selling...

Master Digital Tech and

Digital TransformationAnalytics & AI, Digital Culture, Strategy, Digital CX, Enterprise Agility, Tech Sourcing..
Data ScienceAI/ML, Feature Engg, Customer Segmentation, Recommendation System, NLP..
Robotic Process AutomationRPA Strategy, Implementation, Testing, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, BluePrism..
CybersecuritySIEM, Threat Intelligence, Ethical Hacking, Network Security, Security Architecture...
Cloud TechnologyCloud Strategy, Architecture, Implementation, DevOps, Migration, Security..

Become an
Inspiring Professional

Emotional Well BeingEmotional Self-Care, Happiness, Motivation, Stress Management, Work-Life Balance...
EnterpreunershipIdeation, Fund Raising, Business Strategy, Team Building, Venture Capital...
Women at WorkGender Stereotype, Financial Independence, Equity v/s Equality, Career Breaks...
Soft SkillsLeadership, Team Work, Business Ethics, Communication, Emotional Intelligence..
Human Capital ManagementCorporate Governance, Change Management, CSR, Performance Management...

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Global Brands

Global Brands

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"The work AntWak is doing is truly commendable. A platform that enables young professionals for their future career with relevant tools & learning experiences"

- Mani Dasgupta

Vice President - Marketing IBM

"Great way to get the attention of young professionals through micro-videos. Team has been very flexible. Great collaboration"

- Roberta Virzi

Senior UX designer

" I am really excited with what AntWak is doing. Connecting learners with mentors and learn from their real life experiences. Micro-videos are a cool idea"

- Richa Pareekh

Sr. Product Manager, Uber | Ex-Google

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"The format of the interview is very engaging! Found the speaker's thoughts very insightful"

- Kiran Babu

Designer | Architect | Photographer

"A great place for resources. Content is informative, with practical advice based on current performance in the market area. Great points to look at and use in your daily work life "

- Kristina Pisani

Entrepreneur Transformational Neuro-Coach

"Kickstarter for anyone who wants to know the tech and product industry in literally minutes"

- Jugal K


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