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AntWak is revolutionizing Experiential learning

"Thanks AntWak team for the great work they are doing in addressing information asymmetry in multiple areas such as product, marketing, etc."
- Vivek Karna
Associate Director, Products Razorpay
"Kudos to the entire team at AntWak for building a wonderful platform to share knowledge and learn from Industry Experts."
- Gautham Nagaraj
Paid Media & Strategy Neil Patel Digital India
"I am so thrilled to be a part of Ant Wak's mission now. Such an incredible group of people trying to help others selflessly. Please consider contributing your time and knowledge.""
- Danny Ray Crum
Psychologist & Trauma Therapist

Byte-sized Learning is the way to go

"The concept of AntWak resonates with my core learning that each of us has a great story to tell. And here they focus on bite-sized learning packages. Great concept!"
- Sushmita Mahapatra
Senior Manager, Regional Content Marketing PropertyGuru Group
"AntWak is a great e-learning platform with short videos from the professionals in the industry. Interesting conversational format. Accessible and engaging short videos."
- Nishi Shetty
CEO & People Transformation Strategist
"This is a great platform and initiative with lot of great talks. Most importantly the videos are structured such that it will require only 3-4 mins of your attention. This is what we need in our fast paced lives to learn new things!"
- Ajay Sampath
Sr. Associate UX Researcher Lollypop Design Studio

Learners love the video content and format

"Kickstarter for anyone who wants to know the tech and product industry in literally minutes."
- Jugal K
"AntWak is an excellent platform to learn topics on business management. I found the snackable content useful for preparing for interviews. With more content it has the potential to become the TikTok of business management learners."
- Rajath Vijaykumar
"AntWak has truly revolutionized learning by allowing bite sized consumption of practical, executable knowledge. The experts provide relevant insights which they draw from their own experiences, making the content relevant and exciting."
- Reshika Srivastav
Ad Sales - SMB Disney + Hotstar
Empowering professionals through Experiential learning movement