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Get Ready for a New Job in Cybersecurity

A LIVE Cybersecurity online course where you will learn Cloud Security, Network Security, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics, Incident Management & many more from top professionals and get endorsed by them

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    Get Ready for a New Job in Cybersecurity

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    New Cybersecurity Career

    New Cybersecurity Career

    Meet the Instructors

    We have handpicked the best professionals to deliver the Cybersecurity training program

    Dr. Ram Kumar G

    Information Security & Risk Leader
    Global automotive Major
    Philips | Societe Generale

    Jagdish Prasad

    Consulting CTO
    30+ yrs in global software technology
    ex-HCL | CCISO Certified | M.Tech, IIT Madras

    Venkatesh Jambulingam

    Lead Consultant - Cybersecurity
    Atos | Cognizant
    GCP - Certified Cloud Security Engineer

    Bishwajeet Chakraborthy

    Associate Consultant, Cybersecurity
    Infosys I Accenture
    Saviynt Cloud Security Analyzer Level 100

    Learn key tools

    What you will learn?

    Introduction to cybersecurity & information security
    Week 1
    Learning OutcomeThe individual will be aware of the fundamentals, domains and factors that drive cybersecurity in this digital era. It will enable the individual to understand concepts from the ground level and also be updated with the latest happenings.
    Live Class 1: Introduction to cybersecurityThe concepts of CIA triad will enable the individual to understand the foundation of securing digital information
    Live Class 2: Emerging technologies in cybersecurityThe individual will be aware of emerging technologies like blockchain, Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things and their implications with respect to cybersecurity
    Project 1: Basic tools and the Kali linux environmentThe individual will become well versed with the use of terminal and start using the commands to determine various aspect of network statistics.
    Network security
    Week 2 - 3
    Learning OutcomeThe individual will get an overall understanding of networking, networking protocols, TCP/IP, ISO OSI models, essential to understand network security. Furthermore, the individual will be able to analyze network traffic, down to the packet level using tools like Wireshark, Nmap and other tools
    Live Class 1: Network security, an introductionUnderstanding of the basic concepts and techniques around network security
    Live Class 2: Network threat landscapeLearning the threat landscape will aid the individual in understanding the mechanism of cyber threats and encourage the use of correct tools
    Live Class 3: Network engineeringUnderstading the challenges faced by network engineers and awareness about a typical day of a Network engineer will enable the individuals to understand the job role better
    Live Class 4: Network security project discussionDiscuss different approaches around various projects and feedback session to improve producitivity
    Project 1: Packet sniffing and analysis using wiresharkAt the end of the project, the individual will be able to examine and analyze network packets to the granular level using Wireshark.
    Project 2: Perform network analysis using tcpdumpThe task will be to obtain network dump and isolate traffic in various ways—from IP, to por,traffic thereby aiding the individual to understand different aspects of network traffic
    Cyberattacks and their impacts
    Week 4 - 5
    Learning OutcomeGet insights around famous cyber attacks like phishing, malware, ransomware, DDos, APT, the famous Stuxnet attack etc from cybersecurity experts . Learn the essential factors like the attack vector, medium etc of some of these cyber attacks.
    Live Class 1: Introduction to cyber attacksGet insights around famous cyber attacks like phishing, malware and ransomware from cybersecurity experts .
    Live Class 2: Insights around current cyberattacksGettting introduced to around the current cyber attacks will help the individual to understand the threat landscape and prepare for cyber defense
    Live Class 3: Conducting awareness campaigns for cyber defenseGauge the importance of cybersecurity awareness programs and the various campaigns that will aid organizations to stay more secure and safe
    Live Class 4: Cyber attacks case study discussionDiscuss different approaches around various projects and feedback session to improve producitivity
    Project 1: Case study and academic report writingThis activity will enable the individual to understand the basics of presenting technical information in a much efficient manner.
    Web Application security
    Week 6 - 7
    Learning OutcomeGetting introduced to web application security, the architectural workflow and certain frameworks will enable you to get an overall view of web applications and web security.Furthermore, understanding various tools and technologies to manage web application vulnerabilities
    Live Class 1: Introduction to web application securityAfter this class,understanding the basic concepts of web applications security will enable the understanding of web security
    Live Class 2: Deep dive into web application securityThe individual will be able to understand the web threat surface with the help of OWASP top 10 which is quintessential for web security experts
    Live Class 3: Evaluate the significance of web application securityThe importance of web security will enable the individual to be more cautious and implement best strategies while handling web applications
    Live Class 4: Web application security project discussionDiscuss different approaches around various projects and feedback session to improve producitivity
    Project 1: Web security analysis using burpsuiteUnderstand the various features of burpsuite, spider, intruder, password attacks and become more aware of web applications
    Project 2: Web application testing using OWASP ZAPThe individual will be able to perform basic penetration testing using ZAP and understand the working mechanism of web applications
    Incident management
    Week 8
    Learning OutcomeExploring the basic concepts of incident management, some best practices for an effective incident management team will help the individual to be prepared during a breach or an incident. Getting an understanding of the limitations & challenges experienced by incident management will also be beneficial
    Live Class 1: Introduction to incident management and incident responseExploring the basic concepts of incident management and incident response will enable the individuals to be well versed about incident management
    Live Class 2: Best practices and introduction to toolsLearn the importance of incident response, along with the significance of incident response and some real world use cases
    Live Class 3: Incident management project discussionDiscuss different approaches around various projects and feedback session to improve producitivity
    Project 1: Case study with JIRA and ZendeskAfter the class, the individual will be able to prepare for Cyber Incidents,- Response, Handling, Crisis Communications and Data Breach Mgmt
    Digital Forensics
    Week 9
    Learning OutcomeGetting introduced to the basic concepts of digital forensics and the tools associated will help the individual to understand the recovery process in a much more broader sense. In addition, some laws governing digital forensics will also be introduced
    Live Class 1: Introduction to digital forensicsThe individual will be well aware of the forensics process which is very important to understand the basics of how a breach occurred
    Live Class 2: IT Act and other governing lawsIntroduction to the important laws governing digital forensics laws will give an all round perspective of digital forensics
    Live Class 3: Case examination and forensic analysisDiscuss different approaches around various projects and feedback session to improve productivity.
    Project 1: Case examination and forensic analysisThe project will help the individual to examine digital evidence or understand the implementation of cyber attacks
    Governance, Risk & Compliance
    Week 10
    Learning OutcomeBasics of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Program for Information security, Risk Management Program, Risk Assessment & Methods, Risk Register, Risk Mitigation practices
    Live Class 1: Information security governance conceptsUnderstanding some concepts around GRC will enable the individual to understand the GRC triad as IT governance is very vital
    Live Class 2: GDPR - Privacy Laws around the WorldLearn the various cybersecurity frameworks and understanding various risk management processes including assessment and mitigation
    Live Class 3: GRC project discussionDiscuss different approaches around various projects and feedback session to improve producitivity
    Project 1: Case study around data breachesThe project will be conducted in group of 5 as this will enable the individuals to display team work and its potential benefits
    Identity and access management
    Week 11
    Learning OutcomeGet introduced to the working concepts around IAM, the architectural workflow and most importantly access controls and least access priveleges will help the individual to understand how identity and access management works thereby analyze various aspects of IAM
    Live Class 1: Discussion around the current trends of IAMAfter the class, the individuals will be able to better gauge the various principles with IAM including access controls and PoLP
    Live Class 2: Demonstration and use cases around toolsLearning the use cases of CyberArk and Sailpoint will enable to individual to understand how authorization and authentication mechanisms work
    Cloud Security
    Week 12
    Learning OutcomeGet industry insights around some of the best practices while handling security in the cloud environment. Furthermore, learn some of the tools and technologies used to provide comprehensive security in the cloud
    Live Class 1: Introduction to cloud securityDIscussion around AWS, Google cloud platforms will provide a general idea around the cloud infrastructure
    Live Class 2: Hands on demo and discussion around toolsLive labs will be given to the individuals around some of the most common tools used in the cloud environment.
    Live Class 3: Cloud security project discussionDiscuss different approaches around various projects and feedback session to improve producitivity
    Project 1: Cloud security frameworks and case studyAfter the project, the individual will be able to understand the working mechanisms of various cloud platforms including AWS and google
    Cyber threat intelligence
    Week 13
    Learning OutcomeBecome more aware of the latest threat management concepts and various other aspects of the threat landscape. Analyze the various threat environment including external and internal threats and the mitigation techniques and IoCs. Furthermore explore some of the platforms for threat intelligence
    Live Class 1: Introduction to threat intelligenceThese concepts will help the individual to grasp the threat environment, internal threats and external threats
    Live Class 2: An overview various tools and technologiesA discussion around the various threat intelligence platforms like MISP repos will help individuals access to efficient threat intelligence tools
    Deep focus on soft skills and interview prep
    Week 14 - 16
    Learning OutcomeAlong with domain expertise, our experts will guide you through critical skills to make you an all-rounded professional through interactive sessions on
    Communicate & Collaborate
    Presentation & Story telling, Stakeholder Management & Negotiation tactics
    Emotional Well Being
    Emotional Intelligence at Work, Handling Stress, Anxiety and Burnout & Emotional Self-care
    Think & Solve
    Innovation, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving skills
    Execution Skills
    Project & Time Management, Organisational skills & Social Media presence
    Interview Preparation
    Resume Prep, Mock Interviews, GD Tips and Strategy

    Why is AntWak the right choice for you?

    Offline Training Institutes
    Online Edtech Companies
    Powered by Real Professionals from Top Brands
    Primarily driven by Academicians
    Driven by Academicians or tie-ups with institutes with few industry lecturers
    All classes designed & delivered by real professionals suited for each competency
    Extensive Live Classes
    In-class program with no proper learning tech
    Learning mainly self-paced with low interactions
    100+ hours of Live, Immersive classes
    Deep-focus on holistic development to crack your dream interview
    Mostly not available
    1-2 sessions of CV prep & mock interviews
    20+ hours of support on Soft skills, CV prep & mock interviews
    Recognition beyond certificate
    Program level certificate
    Program level certificate
    Program level certificate + Skill based Rating by Senior Professionals - embed into your CV
    Best Price for Value
    ₹75,000 + GST = ₹88,000
    ₹1,20,000 + GST = ₹1,40,000
    74,999 49,999 including GST
    Program Fee: 74,999  49,999/-  including GST
    Start with Flexible ZERO interest EMI plans starting @ ₹4,440/month

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    Get a glimpse of experiential learning from these expert videos

    Cross site scripting and its impact
    Jagdish Prasad
    M.Tech, IIT Madras
    Common API vulnerabilities
    Venkatesh Jambulingam
    Atos I Cognizant
    Basic concept of REST APIs
    Melvin Varkey
    EY | Microsoft
    Importance of Security Architecture in cybersecurity
    Sivaprasad Sahukar
    CyQureX Systems | Accenture

    Antwak provides holistic career services and support

    Career Coach
    In-depth help on CV review, Linkedin readiness and interview prep
    Experienced Mentors
    1-1 mentorship & Live sessions with mentors who have traversed similar journeys
    Industry Introductions
    Personalized intros & referrals to our community of mentors & hiring partners


    Who is this Cybersecurity course for?
    This course is suitable for
    1. Recent graduate or just about finishing college and looking for a career in cybersecurity
    2. You have experience as System Admnistrators / IT support and now wish to enter Cybersecurity domain
    3. IT professionals with < 3 years experience and looking for transition to a career in cybersecurity
    Will I be able to complete this program alongside my full time job?
    Yes. The program is designed keeping in mind rigorous schedule of both student and mentors. The core curriculum will be covered over the weekends (1 class of 2 hour on Saturday and 2 classes of 2 hour each on Sunday). However, students will be given assignment and pre-reads which they suppose to cover over the weekdays so that they can make most of industry experts time on weekend.
    Overall time commitment of 14-16 hours/week will suffice. Also, community events such as AMA, fireside chat and guest speakers will happen in the evenings on a regular basis. You get to pick what you want to attend.
    How much will the course cost overall?
    The course will cost Rs. 49,999 inclusive of GST.
    Is there EMI option available?
    Yes, there are 6 month and 9 month EMI options available at zero interest cost.
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    16 Weeks
    Taught by Industry leaders
    100+ hrs of Live classes
    Limited seats
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