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Role: Cyber Security Analyst

Role purpose

Reporting into the Head of Cyber Control centre, this role will encompass defending Travelex against Cyber threats. This has a dependency on optimising our technology to be based on sound Cyber security principles in order for us to accurately manage and defend any such attack placed upon the organisation.

Cyber Security is seen as a key strategic pillar within the organisation as the methods attackers use evolve Travelex recognises the requirement to remain dynamic in its defence against such threats. This is a hands-on role with responsibilities covering our global geography, as such this requires a candidate that is not only technical in nature but is also able to provide thought leadership and to effectively assist the company in attaining and maintaining its appropriate cyber security appetite. This role sees the ideal candidate supporting the cultural direction and to assist the organisation to achieve its strategic goals.

Key accountabilities


  • Ensure new systems comply with Cyber Assurance standards and exceptions are documented and authorised.
  • Provide oversight for internal and external audits and incidents.  Represent Travelex for area of expertise to regulators and customers.
  • Provide consultancy into the business for all related matters.
  • Proactively assess risks and recommend mitigation solutions.

Relationship management

  • Develops and maintains robust relationships with key business stakeholders to ensure assurance analysis is visible and in line with agreed customer expectations.
  • Ensures the smooth integration of new assurance standards.
  • Raise awareness and profile of Cyber across the business at all levels.

Management information

  • Writes and speaks fluently on all aspects of work and communicates effectively with all levels of management.
  • Produces accurate, timely and relevant MI for the Head of Cyber Operations, CISO and the team as required.

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