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Role: Data Center Engineer

The Data Center Engineering team is looking for a Data Center Engineer (DCE) to drive our customer experience strategy forward by consistently innovating and problem-solving. The ideal candidate will be responsible for maintaining the Data Centers at Colocation facilities through active engagement with Colo providers and internal stakeholders. DCE will ensure the DC facilities adhere to documented Mastercard standards and security guidelines, ensures documentation of procedures for DC facilities availability as per defined SLA. DCE is responsible for managing incident resolutions, assisting with problem management process and helping internal teams with change implementation in the Data Center. DCE is responsible to engineer Data Center initial build including racks layout, power provisioning and surveillance systems design assistance. DCE is the custodian of assets inside the Data Center premises and ensures safety & security of the assets ensuring the teams responsible for assets deployment adhere to Mastercard standards.

• This role is part of the team that primarily supports the Data Center infrastructure, hardware installation, cabling, support and relationships with the colocation facility provider.
• The second part of the role is to support configuration of network devices within Data Centers, as needed.
• The role has a hands-on piece in coordinating and performing physical Infrastructure installations for projects and business-as-usual installations. Co-ordination effort includes vendor support.
• The role also has a logical support function in design review and supporting network configuration within Mastercard Data Center for new projects, integrations, and Business-as-usual efforts.
• Have you ever been part of the build of a Data Center environment and infrastructure from base racks including hardware, circuits and cabling installation?
• Are you successful in delivering network connectivity to internal and external customers across the Country, region and globe?
• Are you motivated to deliver infrastructure to support the drive towards a world beyond cash?
• Liaise with regional and global teams on projects and other planned activities within the Mastercard Data Center – production and corporate networks.
• Implement new infrastructure hardware and refreshed hardware while ensuring that the associated records and design documents are updated.
• Research and develop innovative solutions around and within network and data center environments.
• Conduct reviews/audits of the physical installations and cabling against designs and record management reports within Mastercard Data Centers.
• Assist and support the local and global teams to implement approved network configuration updates.
• Support the relationship with Mastercard colocation facility provider.

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