Ocwen is HIRING!!

Role:Junior Security Engineer, Information Security

Job Functions and Responsibilities:

• To monitor, maintain and protect organization networks, systems and assets for malicious activity typically using technologies such as Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) and IDS systems.
• To respond rapidly and effectively to IT security incidents, managing them in a professional way, including performing forensics for evidence gathering and preservation.
• Experience in various security tools such as Antivirus, EDR, Proxies, Firewall, IPS, AAA etc.
• To carry out technical vulnerability assessments of IT systems to identifying potential vulnerabilities. Experience in red teaming activity and pen test would be desirable.
• To keep up to date with security trends, threats and control measures.
• Analyzing Phishing emails.
• Knowledge of cloud security (AWS, Azure) will be an added advantage.
• To coordinate tasks as directed by the IT Security Manager to assist in the improvement of the security of the system.
• Approach tasks with flexibility, proactivity and complete work to a high quality


• 2–3 years of progressive experience as SOC Analyst.
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college / university.
• Security Certifications such as CEH/Security +

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