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Role: Machine Learning Intern

Job Summary:

The key responsibilities are to design and implement applications that will be integrated into our workflows.

Job Description

  • Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
    • Provide ML/DL solutions and build models for day to day information extraction for our Legal documents.
    • Work will mainly focused on Natural Language Processing
    • Working on end-to-end automation with regard to complex workflows.
    • Metadata extraction from various kinds of documents submitted by our customers. These documents will be images (different formats and resolutions), and PDF (text and scanned images).
    • Interactive voice bots that can understand what the customer needs and can respond back to them reducing the need for humans.
    • Natural Language processing algorithms to extract data and to drive research workflows.
    • Automated email responses to customers based on understanding their intent and query.
    • Work collaboratively with Engineers and Applied Scientists to design and implement the team’s technical vision.
  • Tools & Resources:

Job Specifications

  • Qualification(s):
  • Experience
    • Nature of Experience: Practical experience applying machine learning to computer vision tasks.
    • Length of Experience: 0-2 years (Freshers with extraordinary academic projects).
  • Skill Set & Personality Traits required:
    • Have a proven understanding of computer vision and machine learning theory.
    • Proven academic learning on Neural Networks, Learning machines, Linear Algebra and ability to understand the mathematical equations.
    • Strong mathematical understanding of Machine and Deep learning models
    • Candidates should be able to analyse and synthesize data both syntactically and semantically using NLP techniques through Neural Networks (RNN, LSTM, Bi-LSTM).
    • Should have in-depth knowledge of Computer Vision (Image classification (CNNs) & Processing) and Natural Language Processing (Information extraction and classification.
    • Must have the following Machine Learning skills: Probabilistic Learning (Naive Bayes, Conditional Random Fields), Neural Networks (CNN, RNN, LSTM, Bi-LSTM).
    • Strong Understanding on language models
    • Proficiency in Python(mandatory) and Scala will be ad add on
    • Functional programming skills is mandatory
    • Mandatory work knowledge in FrameWorks: TensorFlow/Pytorch(mandatory), Py-Spark(mandatory)
    • AWS (S3 and Sagemaker Notebooks)
    • Have vision and experience to make end-to-end Machine Learning Platform solutions.
    • Proven experience working in product-driven environment building and shipping early-stage technologies.
    • Strong professionally – credible with integrity.
    • Good communication skills.
    • Strong interpersonal skills.
    • Organizational skills and ability to manage deadlines.

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