Tradejini is HIRING!!


  • Conduct onpage and offpage seo analysis.
  • Discover opportunities and optimize content with keyword research.
  • Develop and implement a result driven sem strategy.
  • Develop and maintain communities.
  • Be up to date with search engine, seo and social media trends (very important).


  • 1 to 4 years of experience in seo, sem and website analysis using a variety of analytics tools.
  • Knowledge of keyword tools (Google, Keyword Discovery, WordTracker etc).
  • Preferred experience of HTML/CSS and website administrations.


  • Grow traffic 20X of websites over a long time horizon.
  • Optimize websites to have 80+ mobile and desktop performance score.
  • Get website on 1st page of Google search for various keywords.
  • Enhance brand awareness with SEM.

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