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Role: Security Engineer, Ad Forensics


The Ad Optimization group in Bangalore manages data-science focused products and platforms for the worldwide advertising organization in Amazon. The programs that we currently manage ensure delivery of high quality ad-impressions and optimize performance for our advertisers and revenue for our publishers. We currently manage the following programs: Traffic Quality, Viewability, Brand Safety and Contextual Extraction The Traffic Quality team is guardian of the Amazon ad network. This team is responsible for identifying sources of undesirable traffic and are continuously evolving in order to prevent perpetrators of ad fraud from exploiting our ad network.

We are looking for talented Security Engineers who can improve our capabilities of detecting, preventing and predicting undesirable ad traffic. This role requires you to be a highly specialized reverse-engineer, programmer and detective. You will accomplish your tasks by using tools and expert level knowledge to understand not only what a particular piece of malware can do but also how it does it.

As a Security Engineer you will use honey pots to lure live malwares committing advertising fraud, analyze its activity and identify its signature. You will work with the internal security teams to identify botnets and prevent them from adversely impacting our ad network. You will also leverage the ethical hacking community to obtain standard modus operandi, source code and tactics used by malwares and botnets.


* A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline
* Strong understanding of information security principles and best practices
* Strong understanding of network security, operating systems and browser security architecture
* Deep working knowledge of networking concepts: TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SSL/TLS etc.
* You have passion for reverse engineering, malware analysis, threat detection and hunting
* Working knowledge of network monitoring tools like TCP Dump, Wireshark and Fiddler
* You have strong communication and collaboration skills
* You show strong ownership, bias for action and ability to dive deep
* Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills.
* Experienced in handling large data sets and databases


* Experience with advertising systems
* Experience in deep packet inspection and web traffic analysis
* Demonstrated success in analyzing fraud softwares
* Prior experience working with disassemblers like IDA Pro and Ghidra
* Proficiency in any scripting language such as Perl, Python, Ruby, etc

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