Day in the life of Digital Marketer

with Gursimran Singh, Head of Strategy – JioSaavn I Publicis Groupe I MICA

Also, know the roles and responsibility of Digital Marketer and soft skills required to excel in a Digital Marketing career

Date: May 13, 2021

Time: 6:00 PM

You can watch recording here

About Gursimran Singh

I have 14+ years of experience in building problem-solving interventions. Across different stages of brand building, my forte lies in bringing strategic perspectives that germinate out of scrutinised analysis of business strategy, consumer insights and their behavior in a digitised world. I have collaborated with creators, inspired and rallied teams towards creating effective solutions on several brands like Flipkart, upGrad, Unilever, Axis Bank, Nestle, Beam Suntory and achieved unprecedented outcomes. I have worked with renowned communication & marketing companies like Mullenlowe Lintas, Marico Kaya, Publicis Groupe and Tilt. I currently head the Strategy practice at JioSaavn.


A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer
    1. Who is a Digital Marketer?
    2. When do you start your day and finish it off?
    3. Does a Digital Marketer have to work in shifts?
    4. Is there any seasonality in the work? For e.g. in banks.. quarter ending and year ending are highly busy period.
    5. Please share one or two incidents on how a particular task kept you busy / in stress at work
    6. How you plan your day to make it more productive. Productivity hacks/tips that work for you?
    7. How has the work-life balance changed while working remotely?
    8. What is the one thing you like most and least about the role?
    9. How demanding is the job?
    10. Is there any difference in “day in the life of” – if the person working for company or agency?
    11. What is the general TAT you need to adhere to?
    12. What is your mantra to keep calm and smiling?

2. Overview of Digital Marketer role and responsibility
    1. What is the key role or job description for the Digital Marketer at entry-level?
    2. How the job hierarchy looks like?

3. Soft skills requirement for Digital Marketing professional
    1. Who are the different stakeholders you need to interact with on regular basis?
    2. What are the top 3 must-have professional skills for Digital Marketer?
    3. What advice you will give to your younger self?

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Date: May 13, 2021

Time: 6 PM.

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