AntWak Academy presents Masterclass on “Next-Gen Digital Marketing Techniques”

Free masterclass with Fabian Gehring, Digital Brand Marketing Manager at Bosch

The event is closed. You can watch the recording here:

About AntWak:

Antwak is an experiential learning platform that has 1000+ free, bite-sized professional learning courses in 15+ domains such as Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Data Engineering, User Experience, Sales&BD, Data Engineering, powered by 2,500+ experts from 500+ brands & corporates across 30+ countries.

Antwak offers 16 week LIVE courses powered by industry’s top professionals. Antwak enables college students and early professionals to get trained on in-demand skills and accelerate their career in digital first domains at a fraction of costs of available alternatives. For more information, visit: You can get in touch with the team at

About Fabian:

Fabian Gehring is a trilingual, data-driven, and analytical thinker. His customer-centric, digital, and creative marketing strategies are built out of the IMC approach also known as integrated marketing communication. Fabian has in-depth experience in Marketing Research and Marketing Strategy for B2C and B2B markets and managed seven-figure marketing budgets in the past.

Fabian’s expertise lies in leading Digital Campaign development and execution for Digital Channels including Website, Social Media, Influencers, Media, and Public Relations for customer awareness, acquisition, and retention efforts. In his roles, Fabian lead cross-functional collaborations with Product Management, Channel Marketing and Sales Team using SCRUM and Agile methodologies.

Watch now:


  • Top Techniques required for marketer
  • AI/ML in marketing & case-study analysis
  • Chatbots in marketing
  • Q & A

Event Details:

Date: May 8, 2021

Time: 11:00 AM

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