Latest trends in Marketing for Non-profits in 2021

Latest trends in Marketing for Non-Profits in 2021

Let us explore the Non – Profit industry and how marketing is different from usual business when it comes to Non-Profits?

Why every Marketer should work with non profits industry during the initial phase of their career?

Date: 12th March 2021
Time: 7PM

About Speaker: Monica Samuel is a Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer for Nonprofits & Social Profit Organisations | Committed to your growth | Podcaster


  • What is nonprofit marketing? Why is it needed?
  • What is the state of nonprofit marketing in India today?
  • How can this state be improved?
  • Every marketer should work for a nonprofit at least once. Why do you say that?
  • How different is working for a nonprofit versus a business?
  • What are the latest trends in nonprofit marketing?

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