Why are Chatbots the future of marketing?

What is a Chatbot? 

Chatbots are computer programs or software through which a human can communicate with digital devices just like a real human. It helps in conversation as if a real human is doing, it’s mainly through texts. It doesn’t communicate like robots, the texting system works like a real person typing. This gives the end-user a feeling of talking to a real person and not computerized texting. It’s also known as digital assistants. 

Why are Chatbots used?

  1. Quicker replies
  2. Problems solving or solving complaints
  3. To get descriptive explanations and answers
  4. To connect to a human customer service agent
  5.  Book a reservation
  6. Payments of bill
  7. Buy things online
  8. To get suggestions for buying

Over the last few years, chat systems have become more popular. Millennials prefer chatting over emails. Many people are not comfortable talking on phone calls with customer service care and prefer to chat in the chatbot of the applications or website. Chat applications like Whatsapp have become more popular nowadays. In business, chatbots make it easier for the user to communicate. 

Chatbots must be a part of your marketing strategy 

To keep up with the competitive era, automated digital systems are preferred more. The easier, the friendlier. In the digital era, Chatbots are the virtual agents who help the users using Natural Language Process (NLP) and always reply in a logical manner rather than the robotic types. Here are the few important points which state why you should include Chatbot in your marketing strategy:  

  1. Saves Time & Money: Chatbots replace the labour work, which used a lot of money and time. When people reply it takes time because humans take much more time than an AI system to do the same work assigned.

  2. Helps understanding customers better: Every time a new customer enters the site or application, chatbots ask the customer a few questions which help in serving the customer better next time. In the case of old customers, the chatbots collect past information and help the client and give them a better experience.

  3. Gives better results: When a user is surfing about something and facing problems in getting to the right place, chatbots ask them a few questions. On replying to these questions, chatbots direct them to what they need.

  4. 24/7 availability: After the office gets closed, the employees get back to home and no one works. Chatbots are never on holiday and reply to any emergency texts whenever needed.

  5. User Friendly: Most of the customers prefer texting over calling. Writing an email and waiting for its reply for days is not what people want nowadays. Chatbots are fun, nothing is better than getting instant replies and solutions.

This AntWak video says it all, watch the videos and understand how Chatbots are one of the factors in the future of marketing. 

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