What is customer advocacy marketing?

Customer advocacy marketing is the type of marketing where you ask your present customers to discuss or talk about your brand and its products which they used. They might use the channels like testimonials, reviews and social media platforms. In a survey, it was found that more than 88% of the customers research online before buying. Of course, the internet has its benefits, people trust it more hence in this case brand advocates help them to understand the products. After this, they take the decision of buying. 

Advantages of Customer Advocacy

Customer Advocacy is:

  1. Simple
  2. Affordable
  3. Effective

Simple as in, you don’t need to go through complex processes to ask the customers to give a review about your product. It would be much more complex if you ask a celebrity to do the same thing. You will have to go through a long process. 

Affordable as in, suppose, you ask one of your customers to write a review about your product or post a video on his/her social media platform about your product/service. Now, in exchange, you can either give that person a gift voucher, a coupon code, a free gift or can feature them in your website or app. These are much more affordable than advertising through a celebrity. Every business owner at first wants to save money. In the case of advertising, customer advocacy saves a lot of money.

Effective here is that nowadays people trust the end-users words. In this internet era, everyone gets to know the truth of advertising and hence people like to trust common people’s reviews and videos. A survey done in 2015 by Nielsen, found that 83% of consumers trust recommendations by family or friends more than any other source. But in another survey, tells that 66% of people trust the opinions of the customers they found online. This means in 86% and 66% there is a common section that trusts both the family and online customer reviews.

AntWak videos tell how to make customer advocacy marketing big in 2021. Watch them understand how customer advocacy is working nowadays.

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