Zoom: Top 7 Zoom meeting Fixes in 2021

Life is Digital now. Half of our work hours are spent on digital meetings … mostly zoom meetings.

Here is a quick hack of things that you can do on the Zoom meeting application

  1. Dark circles and blemishes popping on the screen?

Fix: Turn on the beauty filter called ‘Touch up My Appearance’ in video settings.

2. Tired of talking to the black boxes?

Fix: Click on ‘hide non-video participants’.

3. Sick of creating zoom meetings every day?

Fix: Create recurring zoom meeting with the same URLs. Monotonous? Not anymore. 

4. Exhausted from repeating this ‘Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V URLs’?

Fix: Well, you can auto-copy the invite URL when starting a meeting.

5. Constantly forget to attend a meeting when on-the-go?

Fix: You can download zoom meeting app on your mobile phones and enable ‘meeting reminder’ 

6. Wishing for someone to teach you to use zoom efficiently?

Fix: Why don’t you provide ‘remote control’ access to the host of the meeting? While the host could be your friend, your boss or your colleague. 

7. Experiencing a lot of zoom-bombing?

Fix: To ensure utmost privacy, always secure the meetings with a new password every time and enable the ‘waiting room’ feature. This will allow you to serve as the gatekeeper.  

Try these zoom fixes and let us know how it works for you in the comment section.

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