Top 5 EdTech Trends to watch out in 2021

The recent boom in technologies and its versatile adaptions across industries are disrupting the way in which things operate. The covid-19 pandemic has also played a crucial role. The impact of IoT, AI, VR, and 5G on the education domain has been pivotal in igniting the EdTech revolution. However, the results are yet to reach their full potential.

5 trends bound to revolutionize the EdTech industry in 2021

Blended learning – The lockdown across countries had fostered the adaption of online platforms such as Zoom and Byju’s. However, with the world returning back to normal, we see a blend in pedagogy. There is a mix of traditional classrooms and online educational resources. The primary advantage is that the needs of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners will be catered to. Hence, the absorption of content is bound to increase by multi-folds. Aren’t we lucky!

Immersive education – Extended reality is going to be the change agent in making learning immersive and entertaining. It will help in bringing alive hard-to-be-conceptualised topics and retain the interest of us all. The use of chatbots and voice assistants will make the process more seamless. So don’t be surprised if ‘Chitti’ becomes your favourite teacher.

Learning through social media – Have you ever imagined that Spotify and Instagram may now become your instructors? Well, what makes social media an attractive learning platform is its shareability, popularity and content variety. Videos and podcasts are immersive and easily accessible. Hence, this trend is about to take over the world by a storm similar to that of Ted-ED.

Gamification – What’s better than learning and playing together? Introducing gamification in offline and online pedagogy makes the entire process fun and engaging. Infuse features such as milestone achievement and reward points collection. This will definitely improve the output of learners.

Personalized and adaptive learning – Our growing population is developing niche interests for itself. Technologies like Big Data and Machine Learning collect information on the usage and interest behavior of every user. While instructional designers leverage this data to provide a hyper-personalized and adaptive learning experience to every individual. Customized content with suitable formats is what education post-2020 is going to look like!


Technology has penetrated education, revamping the entire teaching and learning method. The current wave of eLearning will not only enhance education’s accessibility and convenience but also alter learning behaviors and interests. Watch out for this and cling on to them for an exciting and fun learning journey!

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