How to create a digital marketing strategy?

Previously, advertising through billboards and newspapers was effective marketing. Now, digital marketing strategy has become a necessity for all businesses. Planning a good digital marketing strategy will be a key to success.

In this blog, we will cover basic important steps in digital marketing strategy which will help to reach the goal.

Categorizing Digital Marketing into the following:

  1. Content marketing :  This is to attract target audiences through publications or blogs which will educate, attract and give details. 
  2. Native advertising : also known as advertorials. This resembles the editorial content of the website or publication you are promoting.
  3. Pay per click : this involves online ads. Whenever a user clicks an ad the advertisers will pay each time . 
  4. SEO (search engine optimization) : To gain organic traffic and engagement. SEO doesn’t involve paid methods.
  5. Social media marketing : Through social media platforms, the brand or products or service are promoted
  6. Email marketing : marketing through email where the potential customers are informed about the updates, offers, etc. 

Basic important steps

  1. Decide what you want to achieve: You need to know what you want to achieve through digital marketing campaigns. For example: more leads, more sales or email subscribers. You need to decide your goals before starting the campaigns.
  2. Create buyer personas: It is a detailed description of your target audience. It shows how a potential customer should use your website. To determine the target audience Qualitative and quantitative research was used . Buyer personas are created to understand a customer in detail .
  3. Maintain Blogs: A high quality blog content plays an important role in a website. This gains engagement through organic means. Also creates an excitement into customers to come back for something interesting next time. Blogging is a way to create quality content for your website. If you regularly update your website with blogs which users find useful and it will help your page rank better in search engines.
  4. Analyze the existing channels: evaluate your digital marketing channels you already used. For eg. your website, blogs, social media, native advertising, Google AdWords, etc.. Analyze which of them worked well and how will you use them in next time. 
  5. Relevant: Always remember, whatever you do in digital marketing never be false. Always be relevant and honest. False claims or promises and lead to ban of your website by the search engine and lose your customers. 

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