How to crack a Product Management interview?

It is rightly said that job hunting can be a full-time job. The interview can be especially hard, particularly when you’re switching into the Product Management domain from a different domain altogether. Here are a few ace tips to set you up for progress! 

#1: Prepare well

This is the main rule. With perfect preparation, you can answer all the interview questions and will also uplift your confidence level before and during the interview. Make a point to absorb the organization site and all internet sources impeccably to line up with their main goal, vision, qualities, and culture. Google is your closest buddy: read every article, topic research etc.

#2: Get acquainted with their products/services and contenders 

It is so imperative to invest a big load of time and energy using their product/benefits and check available features. Moreover, you should look at their rivals to improve your understanding of the ecosystem. This will assist you with discovering areas of progress and place in the market.

#3: Brevity is an attribute in product management

PMs need to have excellent communication skills. Being crisp and precise is the #1 quality an interviewer anticipates. An applicant is favoured who just takes 30 seconds to create a thought flow and offer it to the interviewer in one shot concisely. Rather than somebody who hops the firearm to answer immediately and later jumbles the communication flow. 

#4: Focus on the effect

When you talk about your work insight, it’s critical to evaluate the effect of past achievements: what were the achievement measurements and KPIs? How was the product recognized by specialists? What amount of income did you bring? How could it transform people? Once you explain the project /process you had worked with, try to circle back to the quantitative effect. 

#5: Demonstrate & validate your product management skills 

Interviewers like to hear how your previous experiences apply to the work position you’re applying for. Give plenty of answers accommodating to show how significant your experience and skills are. Describe and validate your previous role, the skills you procured and how you could use them in this new job role. 

#6: Convey new ideas 

Regardless of what job role you apply for, you’ll be recruited to convey new ideas and thoughts in the organization. You’re required to understand the current business with new eyes to create many thoughts. And make efforts for the team’s growth. Interviewers expect applicants to be creative and think of fresh and innovative plans to support the business. 

#7: Be a critical thinker

Interviewers are keen on knowing how you tackle everyday issues. They will check on your way to deal with improving their product/service. They attempt to test the adaptability, creativity and feasibility of your answers by asking critical thinking questions.

#8: Stay and sound genuine

Recall what you’re interviewing for and what the organization does. Try to answer questions by focusing on the job position you have applied for. Rather than explaining irrelevant experience.

#9: Curiosity is a virtue

Do you figure you worked hard and now prepared to end the interview? The questions you pose toward the end of the interview may make it or break it. Avoid asking basic questions which can be googled. The questions you pose will mirror your knowledge, critical reasoning, and interest simultaneously. 

#10: Passion is treasured in product management

Job aspirants might not be able to meet all interviewer expectations. This is the place where your passion becomes possibly the most important factor. Give them instances of things you learned at work with the goal that they know you’re coachable. Show them that you can adapt rapidly. Disclose to them how you’d approach developing yourself in the areas that you need insight if you somehow managed to land this position. Ensure you have a plan

Acknowledge that you are a gem! You got this! Have self-confidence. There’s nothing of the sort as missing the right chance. The ideal and right chance is the one you get, so use it appropriately.

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