AntWak: The Social Learning Platform

Often during conversations, we are asked why the name AntWak

When we were ideating on this novel concept of “Social Collaborative Learning”, we were hugely inspired by the collaborative and knowledge sharing instincts of Ants

Ants are individually feeble, yet they achieve remarkable feats as a group

If one ant comes across a food source, its first instinct is not to eat it but to share this information with its colony. When faced with an external enemy, ants show tremendous teamwork and work machinery to bring the foe down

Ants produce numerous different pheromones. These pheromones help them guide others to the food source and also help thousands of ants to walk in a neat straight line

This is what AntWak is all about

It’s about being collaborative and sharing knowledge. We believe that the knowledge professionals painstakingly accumulate by years of industry experience is invaluable. Early professionals can benefit immensely from this “Experiential  Knowledge” to become better professionals and chart more rewarding careers for themselves. It is about achieving more together

All knowledge on AntWak is powered by Real Professionals, professionals with experience and loads of success in their fields. They share knowledge related to their domains. Knowledge related to “application and implementation”, knowledge about challenges they face, and knowledge about learning from such challenges. This “TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE” which takes years of hard work can catapult early professionals in their careers

Professionals on AntWak share knowledge that helps other early professionals grow

Another inspiration for AntWak comes from two Sanskrit words, antah and Wak

After decades of professional experience, we feel that in hindsight we could have done things better. We wish if we could go back in time and give tips, guidance and mentorship to our younger selves. AntWak is a social learning platform to share your expertise with professionals who today are where you were years back.

So let us all grow together and achieve much more than what we are individually capable of.

Together: We achieve more.

With AntWak: We achieve more.

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