5 Simple Steps to Overcome Gender Bias at Workplace

Mixed-gender teams and workforce have led to substantial positive results. This diversity has been beneficial in maintaining a healthy environment and achieving numbers. Yet, why does gender bias still persist?

Well, the notion of disparity between men and women is inherent in us. It is rooted in our beliefs as a society. The success of Chanda Kocchar, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and Falguni Nayar serve as a testimony to the fact that women and their capabilities have been stereotyped over a long time. It is time to bring about a change in our perspectives, one step at a time.

Here are 5 simple steps towards a gender-neutral workplace culture:

  1. Awareness

    Actions when performed for a stipulated time become habits. This ingrained behaviour needs to be consciously differentiated and changed when it affects hiring or promotions. Certain corrective measures include: conducting workshops, organising one-to-one sessions with psychologists and behavioural experts, participating in group exercises like role plays. All of the above will equip you to easily recognise a bias and correct it immediately.

  2. Standardise compensation

    It is difficult to gulp the fact that gender bias still exists in India even in the year 2020. According to the Gender Gap Index 2020, there is a 19% gap between men and women with regards to compensation. Moreover, what’s more, horrifying is that pay equality will be achieved within the next 257 years. Thus, an organization must strive to devise transparent and equitable compensation metrics for its workforce. Frequent, comprehensive and fair appraisals will provide room for equity in the firm.

  3. Adopt gender-neutral language

    Bringing about a difference can be all about starting simple. Why don’t you start with “Good Morning folks” instead of “Good Morning ladies and gentlemen”. Using similar words and blanket phrases tends to spread warmth in the organisation. Everyone feels welcomed and their self-worth and image experience a positive boost. It also alleviates the ingrained gender bias.

  4. Conduct regular performance audits

    The performance audits referred to here are different from regular appraisals. These must be conducted with respect to genders in order to gauge the following – leadership roles, pay gap at different roles, paternity and maternity leaves etc. The data collection and analysis will help a firm in moving towards gender neutrality.

  5. Introducing Flexible work hours

    The pandemic fastened the adoption of this trend. Women still bear the responsibility for their house chores. Introducing flexibility in terms of work location and hours empowers her. Moreover, it also deals with the issues of periods and pregnancy. Remote working and flexible work hours have known to improve employee efficiency and satisfaction.


We urge you to start. Start by adopting any of these steps stated above so as to reap the benefits of inclusivity. Such workplaces have attracted a wider consumer base and reputation. We for one, also tread this path. So, let’s indulge in a movement that helps in creating the world a better place for every ‘human being’.

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